Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where has the year gone?

It has been months since I have posted and what a few months we have had. Aussie Dads' father has been unwell for sometime with his family (including Aussie Dad) caring for him at his home on the south coast. As a result Aussie Dad was away for weekends regularly throughout the first half of the year.
The boys Grandpa was in his mid 80's but had been in relatively good health until this year so it was very sad when he passed away at the end of May. Since then I seem to have had little time or motivation to blog much.
We have been staying close to home but planning some holidays for later in the year. The boys are as busy (and noisy) as ever but each growing and changing in their own unique way. I have been trying (and mostly failing during this winter weather) to keep up some type of exercise, but I have completed a couple of online courses which I have enjoyed. I hope to post about a couple of them shortly. Hope to see you in this space again soon.
PS these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago in Fremantle.

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  1. Oh, Aussie Mum, what a hard year. I wish I were closer to offer some direct support. I'm so happy to see you in this space along with pictures of your growing, busy boys. We miss you all!