Friday, May 11, 2012

Belated weekending

Sorry for my absence - I have been trying to locate a camera cable which a certain three year old had taken off my desk and hidden! Eventually he showed me where it was so I have finally been able to download some photos from last weekend. It started with a quick trip to our local famers market to stock up on fruit and veg (and some sweet daffodils which Rascal couldn't resist).
Then I had to try these gorgeous French Breakfast Puffs which I saw recently at Salt and Chocolate.
 They were a delicious start to the weekend - though Rascal just seemed to like the cinnamon sugar on top!
The the boys helped Aussie Dad build a wall around a garden bed out the back (we may even get lawn back in here one day!).
And on Sunday there was a little bit  of Autumn crafting for my little boys. Hope you had a nice weekend and week!

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