Monday, April 16, 2012

Tape resist art.

I have been meaning to try this tape resist art project with my boys for a while and when I saw these mini canvas boards at the Educational Art Supplies shop last week I knew what I would use them for straight away.
I taped the first letter of the boys names onto each board using some masking tape and then let them paint whatever they wanted.
At first they painted over the masking tape but with a little encouragement they soon took to the whole board with enthusiasm.
I particularly liked Rascals approach where he painted over the board with a brush and then started drawing patterns in the paint with his fingers.
The paint bled a little under some of the tape so I might outline the letters with a felt marker (Sharpie) but I think the results are very pretty and will make a nice addition to the boys bedrooms. Puggle was asleep when the boys painted these so I have painted over his board with a pale green and I will let him loose with some marker pens which will be a little easier for his little hands to tackle (and I hope a little bit less messy)! 

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