Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 7.15am not such a good start to the day!


  1. I'm afraid to ask...but I will. What is that?!
    Seems like yesterday was a doozy for many mummies out there. Sorry you didn't escape that wild germ!

  2. One of my not so brilliant ideas to make liquid water colours out of old marker pens. I had various colours in a muffin tin soaking in water on the kitchen bench - well out of Puggle and Rascals reach but not, as it turned out, beyond Junior!

    Lessons learnt:
    1. Not everything I see on Pintrest is a good idea!
    2. No mater what colours you start with if you mix enough together they always make brown.
    3. Don't leave three young boys unsupervised while you take a shower.
    4. Don't assume a 5 year old has more sense.
    5. Be thankful said 5 year old knows that when you tell him to take his brothers outside while you clean up he knows you are serious.
    6. My morning mantra "today is going to be a good day" doesn't always last long.
    7. Thank goodness I always buy washable markers for Rascal.
    8. Sometimes days do get better as they go along.