Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Puggle!

Last week my baby boy turned one - where did that year go! On the weekend we had a little party to celebrate but I was so busy I didn't actually remember to take many photos. The birthday boy was actually feeling a little under the weather with a cold but rallied gallantly and made a nice appearance to eat lunch and cake, and mingle with the guests before retiring for a wee nap.
I returned to work part-time a couple of week ago and so despite having a long list of plans for this party (many due to a new Pintrest addiction), most things were left to the last minute. As a result I was up late the night before finishing the extra birthday bunting and binding a new birthday table cloth (what was I thinking - surly sleep is far more important?).
Anyway on the day the sun was shining, the kids played happily and Aussie Dad came to the rescue and made lots of sandwiches and organised the sausage rolls. I even got to enjoy a little drink and chat with our guests. 

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  1. Aw! Happy Birthday Puggle, that year went VERY quickly. I hope you all had a fab day and well done mummy and daddy for surviving the first year with three :) x