Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing with Rice on a Rainy Day

It has been quite wintry here for the last couple of weeks with lots of days stuck indoors out of the rain. Rascal is a real outdoor type of boy so we tend to play outdoors a lot and nearly all of the messy, sensory play we do together is outdoors. If I let him lose with markers, chalk or paint inside we tend to end up with marker all over the wall, chalk all over the furniture and paint all over the dog!
Being stuck indoors I have been at a loss for some new play ideas so last week I set up a container of rice for Rascal to play with.
I then put that container inside our paddle pool in the middle of the living room to contain the inevitable spills.
I added a few different sized cups, a spoon or two and a funnel and then let him explore.
He was very happy to tip, pour and stir to his hearts content and then added a few of his duplo zoo toys who "grazed" on the rice for a while.
Success - I had found some indoor sensory play which kept him entertained for quite a while and I didn't have to worry too much about the clean up! What sensory play do you turn to when you are stuck indoors?
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  1. We're fortunate to have a covered area in the garden so the girls play out whatever the weather (even if I'm keeping an eye on them from the warmth of the kitchen!). I love your problem solving though - a great way to have some indoor messy play.