Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playing outdoors!

Earlier in the week I attended "An Evening with Richard Louv" - a free event organised by The Department of Sports and Recreation WA.
I had heard a little about Richard Louv and his book "Last Child in the Woods" through various parenting blogs but it was fantastic to hear him speak in person. Hubby and I try to get outside and active with the boys as much as possible, but sometimes it is difficult to fit all the things we want to do into a busy life. It was heartening to hear that every little bit helps and that a little unstructured independent play in an outdoor setting is just as important as all those "kids programs" which are promoted in every parenting magazine and paper.
Most of the ideas Richard Louv presented are familiar to parents but it was great to hear such a positive speaker and hear about the successes of the Children in Nature Network in the US. I was also very happy to learn that the Department of Sport and Recreation are trying to promote a similar program in Western Australia through the NaturePlayWA website. It is early days yet but I'm looking forward to seeing the program develop in WA and getting some new ideas for family outdoor play.
Given the glorious autumn weather we are having, I had no excuse but to take the boys for a bike ride along the Swan River this morning.

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  1. Its all looking beautiful there, they are gorgeous. One day we will come and see them. I am very happy for you ;) xx