Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bubs view of the world

With my first born I was constantly carrying him about, taking him for walks, reading him books, talking to him, playing peekaboo and generally trying to nurture his physical and emotional development. However, I feel very guilty that baby number two spends a lot more time on the floor left to his own devices while I try to keep up with his big brother, manage the house and unsuccessfully attempt to be the supermum that we are all supposed to be nowadays. Lucky for me bub is a very "easy" baby who doesn't demand too much attention and he gets lots of entertainment from his big brother which he loves. I do wish he got a bit more one-on-one attention (apart for the breastfeeding).

Anyway, I decided to capture a little of his view of the world as he moves from his cot to the floor in the living room under the baby gym, to looking out the sliding doors at the back garden or looking up at the trees in the garden or park. Here is a bubs view of the world.

Cot mobileCot buddiesBedroom Window
Baby Gym
Bub looking at the back gardenJack our Golden Retriever through the screen door
Trees in the back garden
Autumn leaves at the park ......

1 comment:

  1. what a fab idea! He has much better views than baby Fifi who is often found with a muslin on her head... ;)