Monday, April 18, 2011

A little nest of play dough eggs

This morning Rascal and I have been busy in the kitchen. We made a batch of our favourite berry muffins and then made some uncooked play dough to give as an Easter gift to one of Rascals 2 year old friends. Rascal helped measure the flour and salt and I made a batch of plain play dough which he then helped to knead the food colour into (sorry no time to take photos when I have a toddler lose with food colour around!).
We then cut up some grape paper to make a nest in a lidded plastic container and moulded the play dough into egg shapes. The uncook play dough and many other great kids dough recipes can be found here.

What fun Easter gifts have you been making. “Come over and play at theChildhood 101We Play link up”
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  1. This is a wonderful gift! A child with food coloring is dangerous at my house too.

    Happy Easter!

  2. What a lovely gift. I love that you allowed Rascal to knead the food colouring through.

  3. These are so beautiful I had to include them in my blog post Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas and I pinned your photo along with the link to your site on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!